ASTOM and Fakti announcing cooperation

Astom and Фakti announcing cooperation

After the successful launch of the Association of travel online media owner (shortly in Bulgarin – ASTOM) two weeks ago, we are extremely excited to announce the partnership between the Association and the online news media Fakti.

The aim of this partnership is to help Bulgarian travel bloggers and writers reach a larger audience, expand readership circles and thus establish their online brand.

Each member of the Association will have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership. Fakti will re-publish a story (observing, of course, the terms of the Google for duplicate content), and each republished article will include a short presentation of the blogger (writer) and a link to his media .

Fakti will be publishing one article per week. The content must be submitted in Bulgarian (you can translate your article if it was initially published in English). To have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership, please apply to become a member of ASTOM here.

If you would like to partner with ASTOM do not hesitate to contact us!

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