About us


We are the first initiative that aims to bring together all the travel bloggers and owners of online media for travel and tourism in Bulgaria. Our members are Bulgarians from all over the country and foreigners, who have chosen Bulgaria for their home. All of them write about Bulgaria as a an attractive tourist destination and present the country to their auditory in a unique way. Because Bulgaria is unique and deserves our attention.

As an Association we aim to build ethic and professional standards among the owners of sites and blogs for traveling in Bulgaria. We are trying to stimulate and encourage positive events and initiatives, partnership and education in the field of writing about travel and travel writing.

We strive to help our members and partners with information, advice, networking and educational events. That’s why we are working closely with Bulgarian companies, hotels, lodges, guest houses, restaurants, tourist guides, tourist shops and other businesses that help people travel better and feel more comfortable.

We greatly appreciate sustainable travel and local initiatives and businesses. Thus many of our initiatives will be marked under the sign of sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

If you want to be part of our idea we will be happy to contact us. Visit the pages Become a member and Become a partner for more information.

We will be happy to help each other to grow together! 

Contact us anytime at info@astom.org!