Where does the trust in blogs come from?

Where does the trust in blogs come from?

Successful bloggers are those that sincerely express their opinion about some product or service. That means if they test some service and don’t like it they won’t recommend it to readers. That’s exactly the thing that raise the travelers trust – bloggers honesty.

In internet bloggers are the “leaders of opinion”. Their opinion is important for readers, travelers and people which have private business .

Bloggers are very significant. In many countries they have the status of journalist. We have to notice that everywhere their opinion is considered. Their thoughts are considerable because the author is not infamous. They have prestige and influence, people know them and trust them. Blogger are the leaders in online space and not only, because their work is directly connected with real life and experience. Nowadays there are some important questions like “Should we have trust to blogs?” and “How far the information written by bloggers is reliable?”. Today major companies prefer to connect with different bloggers and to work with them using their pages for advertisement.

Believe in blogs and trusting the bloggers is a matters of personal choice. Have we believe all of information in blogs? No, of course! It’s like believing everything you hear on the street or in the club. We can have a different point of view – internet is not a newspaper. Imagine that internet is a big city and bloggers are the voice of the city. They want to participate in life of the town. So you have to think about the source, also known as the author of information and to find whether that information came from the government, from some newspaper, from large corporation, some person who is interested of read or the wife of former Nigerian minister willing to gave to you 20 million dollars.

Using the internet users are faced with different information so they can easily check the facts, that suits to their own belief. Users realize that publishing some information doesn’t gave automatically the slogan „authoritative“. It’s often express of personal opinion and point of view and if you don’t like it you can easily find some different that is closer to you.