Press Trips

Do you want to promote your travel brand among Bulgarian audience? Press trips with travel bloggers from Bulgaria are one of the best ways to do that!

By organizing a press trip, when travel bloggers are going to talk about, you get the chance to reach their thousands of followers – your potential clients. Your business will be presented in an interesting, unique and authentic way with a recommendation from some of the best travel experts which are the bloggers in Bulgaria.

What is a Press trip

Press trips are organized for one or several travel bloggers with relevant audience to familiarize them with a region, businesses or experiences. After the trip, the bloggers present the destination and the included activities in an interesting and authentic way through their blogs and social media channels.

Every press trip is different, unique and depends on the partner-company and interests of the bloggers. Usually those trips include:

  • Transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with local food
  • Accommodation
  • Activities the company or destination wants to promote
  • Local experiences, workshops, etc.

The travel bloggers and the partner-company can discuss the wanted itinerary and other specifics together. Press trips may also include a payment for the travel bloggers for their promotional services and time.

Who can organize a press trip

Press trips for travel bloggers in Bulgaria are usually organized by a partner-company for travel related services. Travel brands may be hotels, resorts, tour agencies, adventure companies, rent-a-car companies, travel equipment stores, etc.

Why should you organize a press trip

Because the best way to connect with your audience is through a personal recommendation and shared experience!

Travel bloggers have followers who read about their trips and experiences and are ready to follow their steps. Your travel brand will reach all of those followers highly interested in travel and tourism.

Besides, on every individual travel blogs that took part of the trip, you will get a brand exposure on the website of ASTOM as a special partner, you will reach every member of the Association, your brand will be part of the monthly newsletter and you will create a long-term relationship with our travel bloggers.

Get in touch

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