Twitter Chat #exploreBulgaria

When: Monthly

Hashtag: #exploreBulgaria

Hosts: @Travelling_Buzz and @elliivanova

Language: Bulgarian and English

#exploreBulgaria is the first Twitter chat about travelling and tourism in Bulgaria covering a different topic every month!

The Twitter chat launched in November 2015! ASTOM’s ambition is to turn it into a regular event for the Twitter users in Bulgaria and to get to know the country better together!

The chat is held every month with hosts Maria, travel blogger at, and Elena, travel blogger at, both members of ASTOM.

What is a Twitter chat

A Twitter chat is a discussion in Twitter on a specific topic which lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this time the hosts ask related questions, the number of which depends on the duration of the chat.

#exploreBulgaria usually has 4-6 questions for around 40 minutes.

The participants can take part by answering the hosts’ questions, sharing ideas, opinions and advice, starting discussions with other participants and most of all – being inspired!

Among the topics discussed so far on #exploreBulgaria monthly Twitter chat are Less known sightseeing spots in Bulgaria, The most attractive winter destinations in Bulgaria, Favourite places in the Rhodopes, Around Sofia for a weekend, etc.

Every time the chat has a different topic related with travelling in Bulgaria which is announced in advance in the Facebook group of travel bloggers in Bulgaria and on the website of ASTOM.

The results

In addition to the interesting discussion and great atmosphere between the participants, Twitter chats include more than 20 active Bulgarian Twitter users who share information and personal impressions, travel stories and inspiration and even more.

The hashtag #exploreBulgaria is now used regularly not only during the Twitter chat but on a daily basis with several Twitter users. You can check for yourself:

Why should you take part

The Twitter chats are beneficial both for travel enthusiasts and for bloggers and travel brands. During that one hour period, they can easily connect with like-minded people, create contacts and partnerships, get new ideas, receive help from others, get inspired!

How to take part

In order to take part of our monthly Twitter chat, you should check when the next chat will be organized – this will be announced on the Travel Bloggers for Bulgaria Facebook page and on ASTOM’s website.

What are the next steps

  1. Log in to Twitter at the mentioned day and hour
  2. Type in the search bar ‘#exploreBulgaria’
  3. Click on the tab ‘Live’ to follow all the posts in real time
  4. Be part of the chat by:
    – answering the hosts’ questions (@Travelling_Buzz and @elliivanova)
    – retweet and answer to other participants’ posts

Important: Always use the hasthag #exploreBulgaria with your every tweet in order to be part of the chat!

If you are a travel brand or a business

You can take part of the Twitter chat not only as a participants but as a special partner, too! If you want to promote your business among the active Bulgarian Twitter users interested in travel and tourism in Bulgaria, you can sponsor the Twitter chat #exploreBulgaria one-time or regularly and be our special host!

We guarantee you to get to all the participants which, who knows, may become your clients in the future and you can create meaningful relationships with them! If you are interested, get in touch on!

We always accept new topic suggestions, too, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!