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Follow the Sisters is a blog created to be the platform for sharing the adventures of two sisters who are madly in love with life, traveling, photography, food and their family. We write about our beloved Bulgaria, about the countries we visit, various experiences, about our favorite (and not so favorite) brands and products, restaurants and bars. Occasionally, we also write on social topics which we find valuable while trying to stay as far as possible from the political scene.

We are Nina and Ellie (the sisters): dreamers and idealists firmly believing that the world is a magnificent place and all we, people, need to do is open our eyes and see it. We aim to provide valuable advices on topics we have knowledge or experience in. We travel as much as possible and our favorite destination is the mountain: we couldn’t live without the energy and positivity which nature gives and we try to inspire as many people as possible to follow their dreams.

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We’re enjoying the interest of people from all over the world – United States (34%), Bulgaria (16%), Canada, Great Britain, France, Slovenia, Germany, Russia and many others. The readers of Follow The Sisters are mostly English speaking  (84%) people between the ages of 18 and 44.

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As a new blog we do not have a large set of partnerships yet, but we pride ourselves on being very selective on the companies we work with. Our aim is to always select to cooperate with businesses we would recommend to our family and friends.

Example of partnerships with hotels outside Bulgaria:
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