I have created the blog Drumivdumi with intention to give useful and qualitative information about places in Bulgaria that I have visited and to propose interesting ideas for walks and excursions.

Eli Ivanova

I have a master degree in Mathematics, work as a web developer, but in my spare time I am an avid hiker. I travel with my family quite often and we all adore visiting natural beauties and old historical places.

The blog was created in 2013. The language of the blog is currently only Bulgarian. The target group of blog readers includes Bulgarians of all ages who like traveling and love to discover and rediscover interesting places in our beautiful country. What makes the blog so popular and well accepted is the presence of great tips for all readers.

I will be happy to read your feedback and will answer all the questions as soon as possible. You can find me in ТwіttеrРіntеrеѕt, and Fасеbооk.