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Mitko on Trip is the dream of an adventure boy and his great love for nature. My motto is “Travel and have fun” and that’s why I like to share adventures with my friends. It often happens that the adventure is more fun and enjoyable than the final destination.

It all started in 2019 when I bought an old GoPro model and set off with my convertible car. The wind in my hair, the aroma of the flowers, the colorful views along the road inspire me not to stop traveling.

In the beginning I made several videos from the fortresses Ovech in Provadia, Petrich Kale near Razdelna, Kaliakra and Varna. The idea gradually grew and I bought a drone so that I could present a different point of view of my travels and make my videos even more interesting and exciting.

In 2020 I made a series of 6 videos called “The Beaches of Bulgaria”, which turned out great and in 2021 I continue with a new series for “The Magic of the Rhodopes”.

My goal is to show people interesting and beautiful places to visit and to arouse in them the interest to travel more and appreciate nature, because it makes us better, and we are part of it.

Travel and have fun with me,
Mitko on Trip

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