Orphee Way


My name is Julia and I am the founder of www.orpheeway.com – my travel and lifestyle (food, movies, books, bucket list, challenges) blog. I created my blog with the idea to have in one place an archive in snapshots and words of all my experiences and trips. Orphee way is my diary where I also share a lot about me and my personal life. I created the blog for myself – it motivated me to learn to make better pictures, to improve my writing skills, to chase more experiences and to travel more, to create more memories that I can write about and share. Actually, my blog is my inspiration to travel more, to live life at the fullest, to try new tastes, to seek new adventures. The blog is in English because I lived in the Netherlands for a while and do have a lot of friends from all around the world who can also check it out. The name Orphee way is a combination of the name of Orpheus – the mythological figure and his place of origin and my way of living. Enjoy!

At a glance

Blog: Orphee Way (https://orpheeway.com/)
Language: English
Authors: Julia Dimova, Maria from www.203challenges.com and Todor from www.kashkaval-tourist.com
Created in: September 2017
Contacts: orpheeway@gmail.com
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