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My name is Kristina Katskarska – founder of the space for reflection and reasoning – Our New Horizons.

It is often believed that one should find his path and not stray away from it, in order to achieve the best results. However, for this blog I chose otherwise. I believe that there are many others out there, who, just like me, like to travel, wander through mountains and meadows, eat pastries, sometimes to cook, read exciting books, watch movies, live their lives, and explore the world. People who crave diversity and new sensations. People with infinite interests.

However, the main topic of my blog is travelling, as my love of writing and travel is almost comparable. Ever since I started Our New Horizons (13.06.20) I haven’t considered going outside of Bulgaria as a good idea and that’s why my emphasis is on visiting places and doing things in our home country. Moreover, most of the articles are about nature’s landmarks and outside activities.

My main goal is to reach people with the same interests as myself, to give them ideas for their spare time and to share our travelling (but not only) experience.

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