A few words about me. I am a travel-holic. Travelling, taking exotic journeys are my passion. I also enjoy very much reading as well as writing about places, trips, countries, destinations etc. Almost every trip, every journey I took was reflected in me as а dramatic change, a flood of emotions, a revival escape from colorless and routine reality. Over the last few years, I have put on different kinds of paper medium (notebooks or just pieces of paper) my impressions and experience from many different places I had visited. Unfortunately, some of those stories are lost for ever since I simply haven’t backed them up. Others were just left unpublished. That is why I decided to put all my notes and memories in one place and share them via dedicated blog space in the internet. Thus, the blog “Steps in the Sand” was born. I choose to name it like this as a metaphor of the footprints that each trip or adventure imprints somehow in our sole and our human nature…. as a footprints in the sand we leave walking by the ocean.

At a glance

Language: Bulgarian
Author: Viktoria Dragieva
Created in: June 2017
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