The best Bulgarian travel blogs in August

Under the hot sun rays of the last summer month, we are bringing to your attention the best of the ASTOM travel blogs. Let’s dive into the world of traveling with the most exciting articles in August. From exotic destinations to discoveries at home, some tips and inspirational topics – this time our list is dynamic.

Bellagio – the elegant charm of Lake Como

By Kiril Valkanov, Iskam da letya

Bellagio is one of those small and tiny towns that stand out for its elegant style, unique charm and its own unique spirit. Of those places that, in their own way, with their charming atmosphere and aromas, make you smile and be happy. You walk the charming streets and start to believe that life is wonderful…

Беладжо – елегантното очарование на езерото Комо

Tuida Fortress in Sliven – immerse yourself in the Middle Ages

As we entered the Tuida fortress in Sliven we teleported to the Middle Ages. I’ve always wanted to travel back in time and this surreal experience gave us the opportunity to experience history firsthand. The fortress played a key role in the defense of the Roman and Early Byzantine Empires, and later of the Medieval Bulgarian State.

Tuida Fortress in Sliven – immerse yourself in the Middle Ages – Bougie Streets

From Petrov Dol to Provadia

At the end of this quite rainy May we headed to the region of Providia. It is a small town in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. During our stay there we explored a relatively long route from the village of Petrov dol to the town of Provadia. We walked through two rock monasteries, a cave, an old fortress, and enjoyed beautiful wild orchids, birdsongs and fragrant thymes.

More information about the route and the places we visited read here:от-петров-дол-до-провадия/

10 essentials that every traveller must have

People who love travelling usually do not possess a lot of items, however, they are the ones for whom you wander every time about what to buy them for their birthdays and special occasions. My friends and I, we are serious travel addicts and I decided to list down 10 essentials that every traveller must have. Thus, this list can be continued and also used for presents for globetrotters.

Banya, Razlozhko – the richest village in mineral springs in Bulgaria

I have the great pleasure of being a guest of the village with the largest number of hot mineral springs in Bulgaria – Banya, Razlozhko. Banya is an incredible village – ancient, hidden between Pirin, Rila and near the very slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. The beautiful views here are endless, and apparently so are the hot mineral springs.

Read the article here:


Marrakech is an extraordinary city. It’s definitely not for everyone with its fast- paced and crazy rhythm. But if Morocco appeals to you as a destination, you cannot miss it.

Don’t be fooled by the nickname „The Pink City“ which comes from the colour of its buildings.
Marrakech will offer you a colorful palette of experiences. The Medina, Jemaa El Fna square with its street performers, markets, palaces, museums and gardens, accompanied by aromatic Moroccan tea and lots of noise.

Here you can find more about Marrakech.

Giorgia from

Ancient Paphos – archaeological sites and places for tourism

By Stanislava, Sun and Sany

Paphos is the only city in Cyprus that has retained its name since ancient times, and Homer mentioned the temple of Aphrodite at Palepaphos in his epic poem The Odyssey. Paphos was the capital of Cyprus for a long time in Antiquity. The city can be conditionally divided into 3 parts – Kato Paphos with the famous mosaics, the village of Kouklia with the temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis of Kato Paphos (tomb of the kings). These three parts outline the boundaries of ancient Paphos, which is part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. What are the main and most interesting archaeological and historical sites that you should not miss during your visit to Paphos, I am sharing in this article.

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