The best Bulgarian travel blogs in February

Once again we are diving in the world of traveling, where every destination is an adventure and every experience becomes an unforgettable story. In February, when winter still reigns in some parts of the world and in others there is not a clue of it, our bloggers present to us with their suggestions for interesting destinations. These articles inspire us to discover new corners of the world and immerse ourselves in the diversity of cultures and natural beauty that surrounds it.

Eco-path Drilled stone in the Iskar gorge

The eco-path Drilled stone winds above the village of Lyutibrod and is named so after an interestingly carved rock near the village, which is one of the several sights along the route. The rock was breached to make a Roman road through it once upon a time. Along the path you can also see a medieval fortress and a votive cross. Along the route, there are views of the Cherepish Monastery and the picturesque meander of the Iskar River.

The Metoch in Zlatitsa – Vasil Levski’s refuge

I am in my beloved Zlatitsa, driving through its narrow streets and frantically looking for a little-known curious old thing that has somehow eluded me in recent years and now I am in a hurry to catch up with the story.
I recognized the antiquity in the face of the Deacon, who marked this noble home in Zlatitsa – a decidedly unknown place, overflowing with history, which I undertake to popularize with great desire, so that each one of you, trembling for the Bulgarian heritage, to visit the Metoh in Zlatitsa – a refuge of Vasil Levski.

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Neuschwanstein castle in winter – when the crowds are on the hunting for Christmas markets, the castle glows like a snow queen

The first time I saw Neuschwanstein Castle, even if only in a photograph, was so long ago, yet somehow its magic stayed with me. For a long time I couldn’t even pronounce his name correctly, but the moment I did, I knew I had to see him with my own eyes. This is one of my favorite fairytale castles in Europe. The towering towers above the horizon and the dramatic mountain backdrop are the images that stand out most clearly in my mind. The reality turned out to be much more impressive than all the cards and pictures I had come across on the internet.


Romania Castles tour

From Peleș castle and Bran, known as Dracula’s Castle, through the fortresses of Râșnov  and Făgăraș, all the way to the Turda Salt mine and Corvin Castle…
If you haven’t visited them yet, what are you waiting for? Read the article here:

The great Caucaus and an unforgettable ski trip to Mestia, Georgia

In the heart of the Caucasus mountain range lies a precious place for winter sports enthusiasts – Mestia, Georgia. This unpretentious destination offers snow in abundance, well-established ski resorts and unbeatable views. Here, the magic of the mountains merges with the rich Georgian culture, offering the tourists a unique experience that is long remembered. See why this is the place to be for those looking for more than a simple ski or snowboard holiday in this article.

Seville sights – travel guide 2024

Seville is the capital of the province of Andalusia in Spain and has about 700,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in Spain. Culturally, politically and economically, Seville is the most important southern Spanish city, and its historic center is the largest in Europe.

This beautiful city is located on the Guadalquivir River. Thanks to the many historical monuments and its different architecture , Seville is considered by many people to be the most beautiful city in Andalusia. And this is by no means accidental. The city is famous for the Mudejar architectural style , which marks most of the landmarks in Seville and is a mixture of Islamic, Arabic and Catholic architectural styles.

Don’t miss visiting the capital of Andalusia!

The large historic center , the dozens of sights of Seville , the narrow winding streets, the parks, the promenade, Barrio de Triana , which is considered the birthplace of flamenco , hide something for everyone.

Севиля забележителности – пътеводител 2024

The Similian Islands – amazing beauty, colorful underwater world and seat turtle encounter in Thailand

There are so many amazingly beautiful places on earth! The Similian Islands are one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. The senses can barely take in this crystal clear, deep blue-green water, fine white sand and colorful underwater world… Adding the potential encounter with water turtles / luckily we were incredibly lucky to meet one/, it becomes understandable why the Similian Islands are one of the most visited destinations in Thailand.

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