The best Bulgarian travel blogs in January

As the first month of the year unfolds, the Bulgarian travel blogging scene comes alive with exciting stories from the ASTOM bloggers. January is the time when inspiring travel enthusiasts plan their next unforgettable journey. Let’s take a look at the travel articles in January from our bloggers.

Six must-see attractions in Northern Greece

In the eyes of most Bulgarians, Greece is a destination associated with azure blue sea, golden and warm sands, exotic islands and crazy nightlife. But the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace in the north of the country has much more to offer than that. In a compact area between the borders with Turkey and Bulgaria, and the shores of the Aegean Sea, many natural attractions, cultural and historical heritage sites, and neat little towns offering plenty of everything. So I’ve gathered and summarized my top favorite places in the region that are a must-visit while in Northern Greece.

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The beauty of Italian lakes: Como, Garda, Iseo and Maggiore

Going abroad for a first time with a small child is honestly a big challenge. Especially considering the way we usually organize them – a whole day out, lots of planned places to visit, long walking distances and more and so on. Definitely a tough schedule for a kid! I admit, I was a bit worried how things would really happen, but she dispelled all my concerns. She is definitely now ready to be a little traveler!

It was very important for us that the destination we choose would be suitable for a child. We wanted to experience beautiful nature, relatively clean air and cities not overcrowded with tourists. So we settled on the Italian lakes, with Lake Como as our main idea, but subsequently we enriched it with Lakes Garda, Iseo and Maggiore – each one of them beautiful and unique in their own way.

In this article I am sharing how we organized our first trip abroad with a two-year-old in just a week! Destination: Italian lakes.

From Vicky, My Trips 2 Remember

A Guide to Christmas Markets in Germany

Christmas Markets in Germany are renowned across the globe as epitomes of warmth, tradition, and festive enchantment. Delving into this magical ambiance is an experience that undeniably heightens your anticipation for Christmas.

Embark with me on a pre-Christmas escapade through Western Germany, where we’ll explore some of the most picturesque and authentic markets, indulge in plenty of mulled wine, and gain deeper insights into how Christmas has evolved into such a cherished celebration for the Germans.

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South India – 8 reasons to visit this magical country

If I had to describe South India in one word, it would be life . I haven’t been anywhere else in the world that radiates so much life and makes you open your eyes wide, open your heart, want to embrace everything around you and scream: I live ! South India made me feel alive every second. This magical and charming, mysterious and unknown country with a rich centuries-old history , a country of elephants, maharajas, beautiful women, mysterious rituals, Kama Sutra, tempting aromas and sensuous food, managed to absorb me, stir the chaos in my thoughts and overturn my feelings. And she made me fall in love with her .

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From the ski slopes of the Pirin mountains to the spa oasis of Grand Hotel Therme

The small village Banya is located in the picturesque Razlog valley, only 5 km from Bansko and 12 km from Dobrinishte. With its variety of thermal springs, this paradise has many health benefits to offer. After a day of skiing in the nearby resorts, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a pool of hot water. Its healing powers help relax muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress. A variety of spa services are offered in the area, and at Grand Hotel Terme they are numerous and make your stay a wonderful experience. The spa here impresses with its five outdoor pools, but that’s not everything. In this article you can read why the complex is an attractive place for people looking for a combination of a spa holiday and nature in the same time.

Sopot – the hometown of Vazov, nestled in the foothills of the Balkan

Wow, that’s so beautiful!
My favorite Sopot!

You are full of history!
Balkan legends heroic whispers,
above him the moon shines full,
stars again decorate the sky like diamonds,
and countless birds fly through the woods.

A place for which Vazov wrote rhymes…

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Thracian sanctuary at Tatul: one of the 10 wonders of Bulgaria

The sanctuary near the village of Tatul is an ancient megalithic complex, mentioned as one of the most significant in Bulgarian lands. The period of use is quite extensive – from about the second millennium BC. until the middle of the 13th century. Some researchers believe that it is a sanctuary of Orpheus, the ancient mythical singer of the Rhodope Mountains. There are even bolder hypotheses that Orpheus himself is buried there. This has not been proven yet, but one thing is pretty sure: the sanctuary at Tatul is one of the must see places in Bulgaria.

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