The best Bulgarian travel blogs in July

Summer is in full swing! We say goodbye to one of the hottest summer months with some great and different recommendations for tourism both at the seaside and in the mountains, but also abroad. Historical sites, monasteries, urban tourism and time spent outdoors – here are the best articles for July from the ASTOM travel bloggers.

Beglik Tash, Maslen Nos and Saint Paraskeva bay: information and walking routes near the Black Sea

Begliktash, Maslen Nos and Saint Paraskeva bay near the town of Primorsko are three incredibly interesting sites with ancient history and beautiful nature. The first one is a Thracian sanctuary, the second – a very picturesque cape, and the third one is a small bay with a beach and an old church ruins. More information about those places and the routes around, you can read in this article:

Glozhenе Monastery „St. George the Victorious“ – the monastery high in the sky

The Glozhene Monastery is one of the most magical orthodox  monasteries in Bulgaria. It is located on a rocky edge of Mount Lisets and is surrounded by impenetrable rocks on three sides. Only the created path allows access to it. It was created in the 13th century by the Kiev prince George Glozh. He chooses as his home a place near the village of „Glozhene“ in the „Gradishteto“ area. However, the icon of St. George predicts another place for its home – high on the rocks of this difficult to reach and majestic place.

Read the full article here:

Nikola Tesla – in the birthplace of a genius

Nestled under a wooded ridge, right next to the small church of St. Peter and Paul“ in Smilyan is the birthplace of this great inventor of our time. It is here that tourists now flock to learn more about one of the world’s most distinguished engineers and inventors. A place that has preserved its tranquility and rural spirit, as if outside of this civilization. We walked through the clearings where he played as a child, touched his baby swing, examined models of his most interesting inventions, sat on a solar bench next to a playground whose equipment was also a scale model of inventions. But above all, we felt the life of the common man, beyond the inventor, the humble Croatian (Serbian) who turned the world upside down. The miracles here are both epic and very human.

Nikola Tesla – in the birthplace of a genius

An extraordinary weekend in Bansko

My dear friends, I greet you most solemnly with „Welcome!“ in this incredible Pirin area, gathering the beauty of Todorka and the majesty of Vihren peak and combining ancient history, mountain freshness, lush greenery and incomparable charm! I walk here, and the Sun generously sprinkles hot rays from the blue azure above me, a chill comes down from Pirin, so that I can breathe easily, and the white heavenly sliver gently caress his ashen gray peaks. Everywhere I look – immeasurable beauty – a piece of beautiful Bulgaria!

I walk through the Old Town and feel the beating living heart that shelters narrow cobbled streets and white old houses that have so much history. And over all this – Pirin! Idyll, perfection and a unique atmosphere! I love this city – unusual and old, young and fast. With one foot in the past and the other on the skis, probably…

My dear friends, welcome to a dizzying journey, imbued with a piece of history! Read the article here.

Bulgaria is shining in the castle of Annecy, France

A retrospective exhibition of the famous Bulgarian artist, animator and filmmaker Teodor Ushev decorates 25 huge halls with over 250 exhibits in the medieval castle of Annecy, France. Over 7 years in preparation, Matter of Memory presents the artist’s life through paintings, animations, video, sound, light, artifacts and art installations. Its author defines it as a journey, a return to himself and a telling of many stories experienced during the years of communist Bulgaria, of emigration to North America, of freedom, of a contemporary Bulgaria where „there is fascism on the horizon“.

Link to the article:

Three charming places to go camping in the Rhodope mountains

Outdoor camping is one of my favorite ways to relax and in the same time be active outdoors, and its health benefits are numerous. It’s a well-known fact that time in nature reduces stress. The fresh air, the smell of forest, campfire and food cooked outdoors is a delight for the senses. Spending the night in nature has its advantages – you get enough sleep, you wake up in the morning to the song of birds, and the cool morning air fills you with freshness. In Bulgaria there is a great choice for camping in nature and in this article I present to you three wonderful places to go camping in the Rhodopes – Golyam Beglik Dam, Studen Kladenets Dam and the Arda River around Madjarovo.

9 Fun Things To Do Near St. St. Constantine and Helena

The first seaside resort in Bulgaria St. St. Constantine and Helena has always been very close to my heart. When I was little, my parents and I regularly organized walks around Druzhba (the old name of the resort) to escape the noise of the city, spend quality time together and spice up our daily life. The combination of peace and quiet, the aroma of a pine forest and healing mineral water was a prerequisite for a truly fulfilling weekend getaway.

9 Fun Things To Do Near St. St. Constantine and Helena – Bougie Streets

Teteven – complete information about the attractions of the city and the region

If I had not come to Teteven, I too would have been a foreigner to mother Bulgaria… I have wandered a lot, I have wandered a lot, but I have not seen a more wonderful place“. /Ivan Vazov/ The famous poet and writer Ivan Vazov described Teteven as a wonderful place, and it is the unique nature and the crystalline mountain air that distinguish the town from the other old mountain towns and fascinate its visitors. Teteven lies in a picturesque valley along the Beli Vit river, surrounded by rocky and forested peaks. The highest Petrahilya, Treskavets, Ostrich and Cherven have proudly raised their forces and seem to be watching over him. The cliffs alternate with lush green forests, beckoning with hidden forest paths, wild berries and enchanting wildflowers. The river Beli Vit, originating near the village of Ribaritsa, has made its way and cuts the town through the middle. Quiet and babbling like a stream or brown and wild, threatening to overflow its bed after heavy rains, the river provides coolness in the summer heat. Bridges are built above it, which connect the two parts of the city and reveal wonderful views of the surrounding peaks. Read the whole article here.

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