The best Bulgarian travel blogs in May

It’s that time of the month again and we would like to present to you the best Bulgarian travel blogs in May. This time we are focusing on trips in Bulgaria, but at the end you will find a very magical destination in Portugal as well. Summer is knocking on the door, so let’s see what our bloggers have to offer if you don’t have plans for it yet.

Lukovit Municipality – five fabulous destinations one hour from Sofia

Have you ever walked into a place where you feel like you’ve stepped between the pages of a weird Alice in Wonderland and The Lord of the Rings mod? Well, at any point of the municipality of Lukovit, you will be transported to a children’s fairy tale. We have fallen into the surreal little world of some self-taught genius more than once, but we did not expect that there is a whole fairy-tale municipality in Bulgaria, and that only an hour’s drive from Sofia.

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The Boat trip around the Nikopol archipelago or why we should choose the city of Nikopol as our next destination

by Vicky – Moeto patuvashto az

We step on the bank of the Danube and wrap ourselves tightly in our jackets – a slight but cold breeze is felt. The sky is dark and overcast. We understand that it rained very heavily earlier in the morning, we hope this will not affect our plans for the day. The first of which is to board on boats which will take us around the beautiful islands of the Nikopol archipelago.

You can read the full article here.

9 reasons to visit the Devetaki Plateau for a few days

The Devetaki Plateau is quite full of sights and routes. The most famous among them are the Krushuna Waterfalls and the Devetaki Cave. Beside them there are a lot more to see and feel. You can spend several interesting days in the area.

We visited the place for a long weekend. We arrived on Friday at sunset and started the tour of the plateau from the Grand Canyon between Krushuna and Karpachevo.

In the article I describe the routes to several caves, a waterfall and a fortress.

Eco-path „Under the spray of the waterfall“ a one look away from Teteven

The Teteven region is one of the places I had not visited until now, and to tell you the truth, after we drove from Yablanitsa to Teteven, my eyes were moving along the windshield of the car and I couldn’t get enough of this beauty.

And the eco-trail „Under the spray of the waterfall“ will energize you, fill your eyes with views and occupy a special place in your memories. Many waterfalls, very beautiful nature and fresh air.

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Around the secret Thracian sanctuaries in Sredna gora

Sredna Gora is situated in central Bulgaria, south of and parallel to the Balkan Mountains and north of the Upper Thracian Plain. Its beautiful scenery is not the only thing here though, as it has a lot of interesting touristic places, amongst which Thracian sanctuaries famous all over the world.

We visited Sredna gora in search of these sacred to ancient Thracian sites and we were not disappointed. From large-scale megalithic complexes, through one of the highest menhirs in Bulgaria, uncharted or poorly described, but highly distinguishable Thracian sanctuaries, to the largest documented dolmen on our territory – Sredna Gora is the place where you will find all this.

Read more about these places in the article here.

The Eastern Rhodope

The Rhodopes mountains are like magic. If you ever visit them, you will remain enchanted forever. The Eastern Rhodope region offers amazing nature, ancient Thracian sites, mystical rock formations and tasty food. One of the best places to explore in Bulgaria.
– Giorgia from

Most beautiful beaches in Algarve,Portugal

Our two-week tour of this amazing country ended with a three-day stay on the best beaches in Algarve Portugal. They are located in the southern part of the country.

Towering cliffs in all shades of orange and ochre, sea caves, golden beaches, hidden coves and sandy islands attract over four million visitors to the Algarve year-round. Surrounded on both sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve is a surfer’s paradise, especially along the still undeveloped west coast. The area is blessed with incredibly beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages and a favorable climate. All these factors contribute to an unforgettable vacation.

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