The best Bulgarian travel blogs in October

October seems to have been inspiring for our bloggers because this time our selection of articles is various. Let’s take a look at the most interesting blogs in October.

Peru – the most magnetic 15 places to visit

Peru. Mysterious and magical, different and vast Peru, home to hundreds of historical, natural and cultural values. Peru of the desert, jungle, Andes, Pacific Ocean, Nazca, Lake Titicaca, rivers and canyons. Peru of the Incas and colonial architecture. Тhe many-faced Peru.

The places I will talk about in this post are just some of the places I visited in Peru. But they have touched me the most, affected me the most, and left their mark the deepest. What is described is the result of personal impressions and experience.

Happy reading and virtual travel in magnetic Peru. Peru, which cannot leave you indifferent even for a second.

Santa Fiora – where mass tourism has not yet entered

Tuscany outside the popular sights is very special, beautiful, interesting and unspoiled. It is the small medieval villages that have preserved their ancient roots and traditions and fascinate travelers who venture off the beaten tourist track. Surrounded by lush nature on the slopes of Mount Amiata, Santa Fiora is a wealth of history and nature. She is so graceful and welcoming that we couldn’t help but fall in love with her. This village is really very special, somehow magical. Even as we walked towards the bridge that leads to the center, it was as if we were transported to another era where time has stopped. It’s just as if we „dived“ into the past among the ancient dynasties.

Santa Fiora – where mass tourism has not yet entered (

Top sights to see in Oryahovo, Bulgaria

I’ve recently visited Oryahovo, a quiet town on the Danube, with nice views, history and notable people, a place that very few people would choose for a sightseeing tour. I was curious to see it, and to explore its sights.

More information about the town of Oryahovo read here.

Eco Park Stamboliyski – a fairy tale children’s dream at 20 minutes from Plovdiv and Pazardzhik

More than once I had come across this charming magnificence of shared images captured in this colorful place.
More than once, these cheerful attractions had collected tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of sunny comments on social networks.
More than once, my heart fluttered and my soul longed for this beauty!
A place of real children’s fun – a fairy tale of attractions, a storm of colors, an explosion of children’s laughter and sounds of joy!

Read the article here:

Truffles hunt in a mysterious forest near Albena Resort

An ancient legend talks about Orpheus, a talented musician who played his magical melodies day and night across the lands of Thrace. On a dreamy night, as the wind carried his song across the vast spaces, Zeus heard the majestic melody and wanted to reward him. The god sent a bolt of lightning which, touching the earth opened a hole in front of Orpheus, revealing jewels white as day and black as night. Thus the truffles were born. Orpheus took a few in his hand, tasted them and at that moment felt their magical power. Out of gratitude to Zeus, he played his wildest melody and shared the divine gifts with the people living in the royal lands of Thrace. Since then, people have been discovering them in these latitudes and enjoying their amazing qualities.

Link to the article:

Mechit hut, Mechit peak and the Kaiser road in Rila mountain

A panoramic hike in the less popular part of Rila Mountain. Read the article here:

The kingdom of chestnut – the mountain Belasitsa and climbing peak Kongur

Every time travelling to the border with Greece, I look at the steep slopes of Belasitsa. The mountain is located on the territory of 3 countries – Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Its highest peak Radomir reaches 2030 m above sea level, and in this article I describe the route to peak Kongur (also known as Big Kongur, Konguro or Kongore) – 1951 m above sea level. Before I start with the route, here’s an interesting fact about peak Kongur – a glacier in Antarctica is named after it.


15 Things to do in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia

By Lyubomira, Bulgarian On The Go

On September 27, 2019, Saudi Arabia marks a significant change by opening its doors to foreign tourists, beyond the religious visits that have taken place so far.

We spent 4 days in Riyadh exploring a completely different world that has been inaccessible to us for so long. The experience was more than interesting and I highly recommend it to anyone who is open to any destination in the world. You can read more about this adventure in my article about Riyadh.


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