The best Bulgarian travel blogs in September

Autumn is officially here – this means it is time for colorful leaves, warm drinks and cozy clothes. Before that we are presenting to you the best of the Bulgarian travel blogs in September.

Gorlo Canyon

A boat ride in the Gorlo canyon near Smilyan is a picturesque experience. Gorlo Canyon is a little-known, hard-to-find, but very beautiful natural landmark along the Arda River. Tucked away in the forests of the Rhodopes, it is located just a few meters from the road between Smilyan and the village of Koshnitsa.

The blue color of the water combined with the green of the forest moss overgrown the rocks, created a colorful palette that satiates the senses. The crowns of the trees on the other hand gave us the feeling of a natural green tunnel.

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Ecopath from Ovech to Shashkanite

From Ovech to Shashkanite is an interesting route that connects one of the top tourist sites of Provadia – the Ovech fortress and the Shashkanite rock monastery, one of the many in the area. The path runs on the Dobrin Plateau which together with the Provadia’s Plateau surround the town on both sides.

More information about the route and the places we visited read here.

Dobrinishte – ski slopes, spa & a lot of beauty at the foot of Pirin

There is a lot of beauty in Bulgaria! I have visited places so wondrous, so charming, so beautiful that I have wept with happines & joy! One of these places, combining charm, beauty & health, is definitely Dobrinishte!

Asenovo – The Unexpected Culinary Destination

by Vicky – Moeto patuvashto az

Have you ever heard about dripavi pershore, galushki soup, treski? These specialties, part of the Banat Cuisine, were served to us by grandma Maria during our visit to the village of Asenovo. Learn more interesting information about the life of Banat Bulgarians here.

The Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Cyprus

Old Paphos (Palepaphos), on the territory of which the village of Kuklia is located today, is located about 15 km from the modern Paphos. Perched on top of a hill overlooking the sea, the old town was just a few kilometers from the sea. Inhabited since the Neolithic, old Paphos was the center of the cult of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. A conical rock from the 12th century, which represented her until Roman times, is kept in the shrine of the goddess. When you visit New Paphos in Cyprus, I recommend a visit to the sanctuary as well. Read more about this archaeological site in the article on the blog.

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