The best of Bulgarian travel blogs in April

Spring is already here – the fresh scent of blossoming trees is in the air, the sun is getting stronger, the days are getting longer, and our desire for traveling and adventures is getting bigger every day. Here are the best articles from the Bulgarian travel blogs in April. We are about to see some beautiful sights in Bulgaria, learn some useful tips and travel many kilometers to distant lands.

The Stolo rock phenomenon – the pearl in the crown of the Ponor mountain

The Stolo rock phenomenon is the jewel in the crown of Ponor Mountain. It is located near Svoge, Bulgaria on the road from Sofia to Montana (about 50 km from Sofia). The walk to the rocks is about 4km long and very pleasant, and the end of the path will reward you with its beautiful view. Stolo is a rocky ridge and is known for its sheer cliffs and the incredible panorama that opens to Vitosha, Rila and Mount Kom.

Read more about the Stolo rocks here.

Waterfalls, chapels and crosses around Novakovo

Let’s take a hike on a short route, full of interesting places! Here we will enjoy some beautiful rest stops, we will refresh ourselves with a huge waterfall and we will drink water springing out of the earth bellows 🙂

Read the article here.

Solo travel to Portugal – everything you need to know

Traveling to Portugal – solo or organized? I get asked this question very often on social networks. People are constantly calling and writing to me asking for advice on the subject.

How much time to spend, which places to visit, how to get around are some of the most frequently asked questions. To answer them and clear all your doubts, I have prepared this post.

When you get to the end, you will see for yourself that there is nothing complicated in organizing an independent trip to Portugal. No panic! You will receive all the information you need, tips and recommendations based on personal experience and experience, and as a bonus I will share with you a 14-day ready-made itinerary.

The picturesque one – ecopath Struilitsa to Devin

by Vicky – Moeto patuvashto az

The Struilitsa ecopath is a picturesque and easy path starting at about 4 km. from the city of Devin. The main route follows the course of the Devinska River, but several pathways from it (built subsequently) lead away from the main path to hidden sights in the area, which are definitely worth paying attention to.

You can read the full article about Struilitsa ecopath here.

Rock sanctuary „Saint Mina“ near the village of Mechkul

We spent the first April’s weekend in the western skirts of the Pirin Mountains. We were staying in Stara Kresna village and travelling along the old road at the foot of the mountain. It led us to the rock sanctuary near the village of Mechkul. The sanctuary is a huge complex of big stones with strange shapes, perched above the Kresnen Gorge of the Struma River. The locals call it the Stone City. More information about it you can find in this article.

Vitaleta – the business card of Tuscany

When you hear Tuscany what is the first image that comes to mind? Winding country roads bordered by vineyards, olive groves and pointed cypresses lining the way to ancient villages and cantinas? Yes, this is exactly the typical Tuscan landscape. However, there is one place that almost everyone unconsciously imagines without even having heard of it. This is exactly what the small chapel of Madonna di Vitaletta is like. Surrounded by two rows of cypresses, it brings together many elements that are typical of this area – solitary olive trees, golden hills, beautiful architecture and that mixture of beauty and melancholy that Tuscany embodies so well. Despite its small size and location in the middle of the fields, the chapel has become an important feature of the Val d’Orcia and one of the most famous not only in Italy but also in the world.

Read more here.

Milan’s top 13 sightseeing places

Milan is not the typical tourist city, or at least it doesn’t seem like one at a first glance. Milan seduces you slowly and gradually, but falling in love with it is almost inevitable. A city that does not abound in tourist attractions like Barcelona and Berlin for example, but the ones it features, are truly famous worldwide. A city that just feels good to be, to explore, to stroll the streets, to enjoy the food and of course do some shopping. So let’s immerse into the impressive world of the top 13 of the most famous sights in Milan.

Link to the article:

Tokyo attractions – the world’s largest fish market, historic gardens among skyscrapers and the charm of the old quarter

By Stanislava, Sun and Sany

„More than any other city, Tokyo demonstrates that ‘city’ is a verb and not a noun.“ – Mori Toshiko, architect. The largest metropolis in the world is an interesting and dynamic city that offers a variety of entertainments, sights and experiences. In this post you will find information about the largest fish market in the city (even in the world), the Buddhist temple next to it with its unusual architecture, the Tokugawa shogunate gardens nestled among the skyscrapers of the city, Tokyo big sight and Tokyo Bay, as well we will take a walk and dinner through the streets of the old Yanaka district.

Zarapovo waterfall tour

Let’s add another favorite water cascade in the category of „easy accessible waterfalls“ and find a truly perfect place in our country – Zarapovo waterfall. A hidden place that the most curious can reach without much effort, stepping aside from the main road. Zarapovo waterfall is located next to the village of Vishovgrad, and without a doubt, this is one of the most magical waterfalls we have been to. It is relatively small – the water descends from about 15m along a series of rock steps and thresholds, but the area is so picturesque that one can enjoy it for hours. Follow the link to learn more details about where it is and how to find it.

Read the article here: Zarapovo waterfall tour


The weather is great for visiting the Greek capital. There you can enjoy archaeological sites, immerse yourself in Greek history and culture and see where some of the greatest Greek myths took place. The city offers also beautiful views and delicious food. See which are the best places to visit in Athens!
Giorgia from

Spend perfect 4 days in Iceland – itinerary & tips + map

Iceland – the land of ice and fire. It’s full of waterfalls, hot springs, gorgeous landscapes and impressive cliffs and mountains. 4 days is the bare minimum you need in order to glimpse some of its beauty. But if 4 days is all you have – check out this packed sightseeing itinerary and the most important things not to miss.

Read the article here.

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