The best of Bulgarian travel blogs in March

We officially said „Hello“ to spring and we are more than ready to start travelling during the upcoming warm months. Here is the best from our travel bloggers in March.

Rovinite – the beautiful but little-known sand pyramids of the village of Banishte

by Vicky – Moeto patuvashto az

Rovinite – the sand towers of the village of Banishte reach only a few meters in height and they are far smaller than the pyramids near the village of Stob or around Melnik, but the beautiful shapes make the place unique and charming. This sandy composition of pyramidal landforms (some of which are merged at the base) is colored in various shades of orange and red and contrasts with the surrounding landscape creating a sense of surrealism.

You can read the full article about Rovinite here.

Routes and sights in the Iskar gorge

One of the most picturesque railways and a road accordingly are laid in the Iskar gorge, which fascinates with its amazing views to the river, its graceful turns, and high banks with jagged rocks. There are a lot of routes and sights near the river. The walk to them complements the pictures and impressions. The article from the link here is dedicated to them.

Massa Maritima – under the sky of Tuscany

Have you ever heard of Massa Marittima in Tuscany?

I don’t know why we’ve missed this hidden Tuscan gem, perched on a panoramic hill north of Grosseto, until now. An ancient, charming real medieval city, where many signs of the past are still recognizable in the perfectly preserved city walls, narrow streets and architectural masterpieces, and a turn in the „wrong“ direction is sure to turn out to be unexpected luck.

Did you know that Massa Maritima hides an age-old erotic secret?


Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a huge temple complex in Cambodia from the period called the Golden age of Khmer civilization.

Angkor Wat literally means “City of Temples” and it is considered as the largest religious structure in the world.

When you stand in front of these majestic temples, the popular thought that „Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” applies fully.

Giorgia from

Fotinski Waterfalls – an extreme but also a very beautiful place to visit

Fotinski waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have visited, but also one of the most challenging. They are located in the Western Rhodopes, Bulgaria near the village of Fotinovo. They are 3 in number and are about 6-7 meters high, and the tallest about 16 meters. The walk to them is 3-4 km long and will take you about an hour, but the beautiful scenery and the noise of the river will definitely make it feel like just a moment.

Read more about it here.

Kalsoy Island – Faroe Islands

I’m sure you’ll be surprised how I involved agent 007 with the Faroe Islands. In the fall of 2019 part of the movie No Time To Die was filmed on Kalsoy Island. 60 people from the film crew live in the village of Trøllanes. Kalsoy has been transformed into The Poison Island – the base where Lucifer Safin manufactures a biological weapon and James Bond found his death near the Kallur lighthouse.

It’s completely understandable why the dramatic landscapes of Kalsoy Island have been chosen for the film’s decor. On the opposite hill we came across James Bond’s „gravestone“. Тhere was a lot of truth in the words cut out in the stone: „The proper function of man is to live, not to exist“.

You will find more photos and information about Kalsoy Island in the link below: 👇

Snowy adventures in and around the most famous Japanese ski resort – Niseko

The northern Japanese island Hokkaido is a popular destination amongst the winter sports lovers because of its heavy snowfall every winter and the worldwide famous first class snow. The central part of Hokkaido was our first stop in Japan, where we visited and compared small and big ski resorts. Then we headed towards Niseko and Mt. Yotei for the next 5 days. We visited the ocean city Iwanai where we saw the Iwanai Shrine and we were caught in a snow storm. Read more about this part of the island and our stay here.

3 days around Shumen – landmarks, trails and wine

Shumen lies 400 km northeast of Sofia and 88 km west of Varna. Ancient history, nature and charm, the first capitals of Bulgaria, heritage of Thracians, wine, horse riding and beauty – you could find all this around Shumen. The area offers both natural and historical landmarks, breathtaking views and vineyards, fortresses and rock monasteries. In her travel blog Our New Horizons Kristina promises you exciting adventures in Shumen. Moreover, she assures you that you could see most of the city and its surroundings for 3 days. Read what to do and where to go in the area in her article 3 days around Shumen – landmarks, trails and wine.

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