Travel with ASTOM: Kosovo village and Kosovo Houses, Bulgaria


The first press trip of the travel bloggers from ASTOM is now a fact! 

In the beginning of April 2016 Adriana from, Elena from, Maria from, Nina and Eli from, Peter from and Julia from packed their backpacks and went to explore the picturesque Rhodopian village of Kosovo in Bulgaria.

The official partner was Kosovo Houses Complex which took care of the accommodation and the great food.

During the press trip we explored some great places in the famous Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria – various eco-paths, waterfalls, natural phenomenons… We danced traditional Bulgarian folklore dances from all parts of the country, tasted amazing Rhodopian meals, told stories, met great new people…

But the goal of this press trip was not only the fun. As travel bloggers, our „job“ is to present our partners in the most interesting and authentic way in the online world through our blogs and social media channels.

During and after the trip, Kosovo Houses Complex received tens of social media mentions, several blog posts are already published and there are still more to come. 

Here are some of the published blog posts promoting Kosovo Houses Complex and the region:



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