Blitz Interview: Naddya from NTripping

We’d like to offer you a glimpse into our travel bloggers’ life and favourite destinations. Today’s interview is with Naddya from NTripping | Trips&Stuff who will tell us more about her adventures and never ending bucket list.

: Naddya

Travel blog: NTripping | Trips&Stuff

Born in: Sofia.

Lives in: at the moment on the move.

Occupation: doing a thousand things at a time. Mostly working on my blog and planning future trips. Not all of them come to reality, though.

What you need to know about me: I plan long before I do anything. That’s why it takes me so long to get things done.

I like: rock music and Bulgarian cuisine.

I love: travelling, my family and my friends.

I don’t like: insincere people and overrated destinations.

My 3 favourite places in Bulgaria: Zlatograd; The Wonderful Bridges; Sofia. But it’s quite hard to only name three.


I prefer travelling with friends/solo: it all depends on the situation and destination. I can travel solo, with my family or friends, or even with total strangers. The emotions are always quite different and up until now only positive.

I prefer travelling by car/plane/train/bus: this also depends on the situation and destination. Every means of transportation offers different advantages but presents various limitations. I prefer train or car travel through Europe and I fly to further destinations. Recently I avoid bus travel.

My first ever trip was to Obzor on the Black Sea coast. I was 3-years-old and I hardly remember anything. But I still remember to this days the walks we took through a patch of almond trees. I don’t even remember the sea or the beach, but the almonds and my father breaking the nuts with a stone.


My most extreme experience was paragliding. Especially one of the landings after disturbing a nearby tree branch. Everything ended well with just a few bruises and scared instructors and viewers.

My preferred destinations are places, quite different than anything I know, because they offer newchallenges.

I wouldn’t visit only places torn by wars, as I’m afraid for my safety.

Travel is for me the best education.

Writing is for me quite difficult! But the results so far have been very rewarding.

When I travel, I always pack a few basic medicaments and comfortable shoes. Everything else can be purchased on the road and is not urgent.

The thing I miss most on the road is time. There’s never enough time to visit all the places I want to be. But I always try to re-visit the destinations, which have amazed me the most.

The last place I visited was Melnik with some fellow bloggers from ASTOM.

Кордопуловата къща в Мелник
Кордопуловата къща в Мелник

The next place I will visit is still in the planning.

The places I want to visit the most are uncountable. The fiords of Norway. Northern lights in Lapland. Frozen Iceland. The beaches of South-East Asia. The canyons of Arizona. The little villages in Spain and Portugal. The national parks of Central America. I won’t list them all and I don’t think I’ll manage to see them anyway. But I’ll be extremely happy, even if I manage to visit only a small portion of them.

Costa Rica

The best travel advice I can give is to travel with your eyes and heart open. Every place in this world hides some beauty but not everyone manages to see it and appreciate it.

The worst travel advice I can give is to visit only the most popular spots in a destination. The little hidden places are often much more rewarding.


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