is a travel blog where I share my travels and travel guides. I love to travel and I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I had the good fortune to visit many places and I decided that it was a good idea to share what I saw and experienced with other people and travelers who want to get sense of the places I’ve visited or to relive the emotions again, if they have already been there.

“I want to fly” /the translation of Iskam da letya/, because flying means travelling. Visiting new destinations charges me like nothing else, enriches me emotionally, gives me freedom, brings harmony in my soul and makes my spirit fly. It takes me away from everyday life and gives me a chance to explore the beauty of the Earth, the wonders of the world created by nature or by human’s imagination. Flying makes me happy!

“Happiness is only real when it is shared.”

This is the idea of the web site – to share my happiness. To narrate my exciting journeys, to show beautiful places and destinations, to give helpful information about them and finally to experience everything again while doing this.

At a glance

Language: Bulgarian
Author: Kiril Valkanov
Created in: March 2016г.
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