The best Bulgarian travel blogs in June

Summer is here! Let’s see the best travel blogs from our ASTOM bloggers in June. We will watch the sunset together, we will visit sunny Greece, as well some charming places in Bulgaria. All of this in the spirit of June!

Sunsets in Zadar are the most beautiful

Zadar is a wonderful ancient city, even one of the oldest inhabited places on the Adriatic coast. If you have already visited the old town of Dubrovnik, you can easily imagine the charm of Zadar. Don’t be fooled by the modern streets – there is history here, ancient history. And one more thing – „The sunsets in Zadar are the most beautiful“.


The Sky above Athens – a Greek Adventure

When orange trees and colorful streets begin to wind towards ancient ancient monuments rising high on a hill, you know you are already in the heart of the Greek capital – Athens. The city that preserved the spirit of Athens of the ancient Greek myths and legends, and preserved corners hidden from the chaos and crowds of the big city. We have been to Greece many times around the beautiful islands. This time we chose Athens. We traveled with a flight of a SKY express airline. With SKY express Athens now is more accessible with 5 flights a week from Sofia. The company has the largest network of domestic flights in Greece (34 destinations in the country), as well as 8 international ones, including Sofia.

Read the article here.

Teteven region

Giorgia from

Teteven region has a lot to offer: the history museum in the town of Teteven, local monasteries and churches, but the best for sure are the beautiful nature and hiking trails. Make sure to visit Skoka falls – an amazing waterfall close to the town. Glozhene monastery also is a must-see with a breathtaking view.

Visit the blog to read the full article.

To experience Tutrakan: delicious mamaliga, fisherman’s life and Danube adventures

As a child I heard a lot about Tutrakan from my father. I don’t remember what exactly, as I was quite young, but I had very nice impressions of the town, no matter that I didn’t go there. Years later I visited Tutrakan with my family and I was really amazed by the town, by the riverside park, and the incredible views of the Danube. In May this year, I had the great opportunity to visit the town again and get to know it from different angles. I met people, tried local food, immersed myself in local traditions, and tried an exciting adventure along the Danube River.

I talk about all this and the most interesting sights in Tutrakan in this article:

The Golden Teteven – returned like a phoenix from the ashes

Teteven is a fabulous small place in Bulgaria, nestled between the hills of Stara Planina. The city stretches in the lowlands along the river Vit, and around it rise high peaks and rocky hills. The mild winter and cool summer make the area one of the most attractive for tourism in Bulgaria. The many eco-trails, waterfalls and panoramic views attract thousands of tourists every year, but there is much more to see here than the natural sights. The city of Teteven was a highly developed craft town with many craftsmen and wealthy residents. There are many preserved artefacts from the past that you can explore, as well as the amazing churches, monasteries and chapels in the area.

Link to the article:

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