The best travel articles by ASTOM in 2017

best of astom 2017

At the end of the year it is time to look back at the best travel inspired articles written by bloggers from ASTOM in 2017. If you are still wondering where to go in 2018, these publications can help you choose your next destination for the next months.

Here they are, the best of ASTOM for 2017:

23 things to see, do and eat in Bansko, Bulgaria (Besides skiing)

Maria Stoyanova, Travelling Buzz

what to do in bansko bulgaria

Putting the ski resort fame aside, Bansko is actually a pretty good place to visit even if you’re not a winter sports fan. Here’s a list I prepared with my favourite places to eat, things to see and do to help you better plan your next holiday in Bansko.

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10 Life-changing Challenges In The Pamir Mountains 

Naddya Wagner, NTripping


The Pamir Mountains in Central Asia is a place full of extremes. It feels like whichever God or natural power created the Pamirs, decided to test what lifeforms would survive at some of the harshest conditions on Earth. A trip at The Roof Of The World, as the mountains are also known as, will transform you forever.

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Hiking to the Gergeti Glacier in Kazbegi, Georgia

Bilyana Petrova, Owl Over The World

owl over the world

Hiking to the Gergeti Glacier in Kazbegi was one of my best experiences in 2017. I fell in love with Georgia as a country and especially in its gorgeous nature.

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The unrevealed beauty of Saint Ivan Island

Stanislava Encheva, Sun and Sany

sun and sany

After the popularity of St. Anastasia Island, this year I visited the less popular and much wilder island, Saint Ivan. If you are going to Sozopol this summer and you want to try something different, here’s why you should consider going there.

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Northwestern Bulgaria – an underestimated treasure

Dario Dionisi, Exploring beyond Sofia

severozapadna bg

Finding new places in your own country, places that we, Bulgarians, do not appreciate, is one of the most wonderful opportunities that we can be offered each day. At the end of August, thanks to WWF Bulgaria, I had the pleasure of being part of a two-day initiative to promote a less visited Bulgarian region – the Northwest.

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4 places you must see in France

Stanislava Grueva, Om Trips Blog

4 places in France.Om TripsBlog

I would like to share with you four places which left a mark on my mind after visiting them. In the list below you will not see Paris or some of the big French cities. I am sure that some of them are not even included on the popular travel list but I am sure that if you are adventurous enough you will give them a try and feel their own charm.

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А guide to Apulia, Italy

Bistra and Natse, The Magic of Traveling

the magic of traveling

After so many visits to Northern Italy, it was high time to take a look at Southern Italy. We’ve heard from our Italian friends that both parts of the country were totally different. This may not be a surprise since they were different countries/nations not so long ago. So a birthday surprise took me to a region in Southern Italy – Apulia or Puglia. It was time to check if this part of the country was really so beautiful and picturesque, with great food and drinks, and with smiling lovely locals.

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Tsvetelina Popp, Lilla Green – Travel blog

Reasons to Visit Malaysia lilla green

If I had to choose only one word to describe Malaysia it will be “diversity”. I’ve never been to a country that spreads such a great cultural liberalism and variety! Malaysia is the best country to enjoy the flair of South East Asia without sharing all the best spots with tones of tourist! Visit Malaysia now, before it turns as touristy as its neighbour countries. 

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