The best Bulgarian travel blogs in December

December is the month of magic and fairy tales, when travel blogs become a source of inspiration for travelers from all over the world. In this month when the holidays are in full swing, travel blogs become a platform to discover the most exciting Christmas markets, snowy resorts, warm exotic destinations or even some unforgettable holiday traditions from different cultures around the world. Check out our bloggers’ December articles with travel tips and amazing stories that will take you on a magical journey this holiday season.

The Belogradchick rocks up close and around

The Belogradchik cliffs are among the most amazing rock fenomena in Bulgaria. In recent years, the place has become known beyond the borders of the country. The rocks are a national treasure and there should be easy to find information about them.

In this article I tried to summarize some of the interesting spots in Belogradchik and around and show you how to get to them.

Architectural-Historical Reserve Koprivshtitsa

In our Bulgaria there are places overflowing with miracles!
We have immeasurable natural riches – impregnable, propped up the sky, rocky peaks, clear silver rivers flowing through vast green plains, blue lakes reflecting the fluffy white clouds above them, dense forests covering the majestic mountain slopes, stormy waves crashing into golden fin soft sand created by a million colorful seashells, ancient golden treasures sculpted with grace by unknown hands, and all this makes my heart beat wildly and my eyes fill with tears of joy.
However, there is one place, one piece of our Bulgaria, which, like my handfuls is small, has gathered all its beauty in itself!
It is overflowing with history and this land has given birth to glorious Bulgarians!
The forests here are the most beautiful in the world, and the curved river has formed an incomparable picturesque valley. Like a silver string, it sings songs and tells legends with a cheerful voice.
This town keeps a turbulent history in its bosom, and at every step I find monuments of culture here.

I present to you: „Architectural-Historical Reserve Koprivshtitsa

Hashtag Beautiful Troyan

Troyan is a good idea to visit throughout the whole year and the hashtag Beautiful Troyan is no coincidence, because you will fall in love with all this town has to offer to each and every visitor. Read the article here.

A trip to some of the most beautiful medieval monasteries and tourist sites in Armenia

We spent two days to see some of the most famous sights in Armenia – the Garni Temple, the medieval monasteries of Geghard, Sanahin, Haghpat and Akhtala, the Yazidi temple of Ziarat and Erebuni – the predecessor of Yerevan. Day trips from the capital are available to all of these places, and no doubt this is one of the things I recommend. Travelling in Armenia is a thrilling experience, filled with breathtaking views of high peaks and leading to intriguing places. Read the article here.

Socotra – Unveiling a Secret Paradise on Earth

The island of Socotra is a wonderful, magical place – a true hidden paradise. With its stunning endemic dragon blood trees and the gorgeous pink-blossom bottle trees, you will easily fall in love with Socotra. But the island holds many other secrets that are worth exploring and its unmatched night sky is one of them.

Link to the article:

A Winter fairytale in Munich, Zurich and Salzburg – Christmas markets and more

December is the magical month of Christmas. The largest European cities dress up their central areas with fairy lights and decorations, and the Christmas markets become the main attraction for millions of tourists. Chasing that real magic, we set off on a winter road trip to Munich, Zurich and Salzburg. Along with the markets of local artisans, warm aromatic drinks and delicious traditional foods, we also explored the most famous sights of the three cities.

Read the story of the whole journey in this article.


Phuket in Thailand is known for its bars, nightlife and entertainments. But this island, which is also the largest in the country, has much more to offer than that: beautiful sandy beaches, cultural attractions and natural beauty. As well as the incredible feeling of carefreeness and freedom that overwhelms you when you walk around such places.

Here you can explore and read more about some of the most interesting sights, beaches and sights on the island of Phuket.

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