The best Bulgarian travel blogs in November

This year November surprised us with lots of snow and holiday mood weeks in advance. Where did our bloggers go and and what did they tell about it, read below. 

Natural landmark „Pashovi skali“ near Yundola: magnificence of Rhodopes panoramas and wonderful views

It’s the beginning of November and the autumn emotion has completely taken over me, and I’m shaking with fever. I want to find the perfect autumn landscape, experience it, photograph it and present it to you. But where should I go? Where do I find it? To the Rhodopes! This mountain has never let me down and here I am on my way to my Rhodopes.

10 top sights in the region of the Rusenski Lom River, Bulgaria

I have visited the area of the Rusenski Lom River several times. It is also known by the names Polomieto and Lomovete. My latest visit there happened during a sunny weekend on the border between September and October. During the two hot days, we saw so many wonderful places and met interesting people.

Have a look at my article about this here.

The best SPA hotels in Bulgaria

Having a vacation or an escape at a spa hotel is a great way to recharge your body with energy and positive emotions, improve your health status and enjoy relaxation and tranquility. Most spa hotels in Bulgaria offer excellent opportunities for this and here I share my personal impressions from the best spa hotels in Bulgaria.

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Urban tourism and culinary thrills in Yerevan, Armenia

Before heading on a trip to Armenia, I was excited and very curious to visit this country, both familiar, yet distant to me, to get to know its people and customs. In my first school years I had a classmate named Azalia – an Armenian. Her family was wealthy and to this day I remember her very well. My curiosity was justified – Armenia is a country of contrasts, well-established customs and very delicious food. In this blog post, however, I focus on the capital city of Yerevan and its sights, places and food to eat.

What to see in Porto – guide

It was in Porto and in the northern regions that Portugal was founded in the 12th century and the Portuguese became a people and a nation. Located along the mouth of the Douro River and extending to the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean , Porto is one of the oldest European centers. A World Heritage City , Porto is a gateway and starting point for a journey through the natural and cultural diversity of the region. Most of the city’s points of interest are located in a relatively small area between the riverside district of Ribeira and the central boulevard, Avenida dos Aliados. In this charming area, allow yourself to get lost in the maze of medieval alleys, old-world shops, cobbled streets and baroque monuments that define this city.

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Villa Grok – the world of the clown in the center of the arena

Tucked away in the hills above Imperia is a stunning mansion created by a clown. But don’t imagine the clown from ‘It’, this one is funny, interesting and unique. Villa Grok is one of a kind. In fact, the term villa is a bit of an understatement because Villa Grock is more of an unusual beautiful palace, a combination of the freedom of the early 20th century and the eccentricity of the owner. There is no defined style, not even an amalgamation of several styles. Villa Grok is Villa Grok! As soon as we crossed the threshold, it was as if we started a journey through the world of the circus, more precisely that of the clown. Different themed rooms have been created on each floor. First we found ourselves in a retro cafe, then we watched black and white movies in the small cinema, then we discovered a room where pictures on the wall „told“ us the story of the cottage and the clown.


7 Days Iceland Itinerary: How to Spend the Perfect Week in Iceland

By Lyubomira from Bulgarian On The Go

Iceland in winter is absolutely magical. Northern Lights. Waterfalls. Glaciers. Volcanoes. Geysers. All kinds of natural wonders!

We were lucky enough to spend 7 days in Iceland and in my post I describe the places we managed to visit during that time. And one of the most surprising things here is the weather – winds in the 100 km/h range were moving our car even while we were driving, not to mention the impossibility of walking in such weather.

You can expect anything in Iceland, but one thing is for sure – this trip will leave a vivid memory for a lifetime.

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