The best of Bulgarian travel blogs in February

We are proudly presenting you the best articles from our travel bloggers in February. Starting with some interesting places in Bulgaria and moving on to exotic destinations around the world. Read more below.

Starosel – The Sun gate

Let’s go for a walk to one of the not so famous places around Starosel. The megalith Sun gate can offer a short hike and panoramas of Sredna Gora. Curious rock formations are scattered all around and crocus fill every inch!

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35 interesting monasteries around Sofia

During the years I visited a lot of the monasteries around Sofia. I decided to gather them in the post from the link. A large part of those holy places were part of the so-called Sofia’s Little Holy Mountain. Some of them are still active, some are not, but they are all built in picturesque places and are always a good idea for a walk.

Temple-Well Throat – 11° closer to antiquity

Although not so famous, this well holds many more secrets than our rational minds can fathom. Were the ancient peoples smarter than us or more resourceful? How did they build this megalithic well on a slope deep in the forest? Why right there? If their goal was to remain hidden, they succeeded. And for more than 3000 years! After it was discovered during excavations in 1972 by Prof. Dr. Dimitrina Mitova-Djonova in the area of ​​Pusto Garlo, its history became even more complicated. Historians and archaeologists cannot determine an exact date, and the building has nothing to do with the Thracians, it is even the only one of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula. Then who built it? Perhaps its roots lie thousands of kilometers from here.

Temple-Well Throat – 11° closer to antiquity

Winter fairytale and unforgettable snowy experience in the northern part of Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido – this name has always made me imagine a very distant and unfamiliar land on the other side of the globe, where there are tons of fresh powder known worldwide for its high quality. Japan has always been a dreamy destination for me and when I found myself in the plane from Amsterdam to Tokyo, I realized that this dream is about to become reality. I didn’t know where I was going, what I was going to see, what culture I was going to meet – everything was blurry and I couldn’t imagine it. After almost 3 weeks in the Land of the rising sun, after snowboarding one of the best conditions in my life so far, after getting to know the local culture at least for a while, I can say that Japan is one of the most interesting and inspiring destinations I have ever experienced. Small and big ski resorts, cities covered with snow, constant minus temperatures, hot onsens, local food and cultural differences are only part of this experience.

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Free landmarks and tips for a long weekend in Rome

Rome is a fabulous destination which guarantees you a great time, delicious food and good vibes. Rome satisfies both the curiosity of the adventurer and the desires of the romantic soul. Ancient buildings, castles, temples, and arches. Narrow streets and busy squares. Nature, art, history and… let’s call it magic? Rome offers you everything and beyond!

Find excellent tips on how to have the best Rome experience ever (even if on a short budget) in Kristina’s travel blog Our New Horizons (for English press the Google Translate button).

Mer de Glace Chamonix – A dreamy journey in glacial blue

And here we are at the entrance of the glacier, which welcomes us with a shade of blue that I have not seen anywhere else. A deep blue that is not found in the sea or the sky. A cold breeze and ice tunnels reveal themselves in its depth.

The tunnels lead to the incredible ice sculptures with ambient lighting – polar bear, tables, throne, bar and chairs. In the glacier itself, the path is covered with a mat to prevent visitors from slipping.

Read more about the glacier here:

Guatemala – the land of eternal spring

After exactly 24 hours of flights, layovers and checks, Guatemala’s airport welcomed us with an impressive photo exhibition hinting at what was to come. I was impatient. After the subsequent transfer to Antigua in the wee hours of the day, I finally fell into the arms of sleep. I didn’t have any expectations for the next day, I didn’t want to set myself up for anything. I wanted to let Guatemala guide me. The morning started promisingly. As I climbed the spiral staircase to the garden terrace of the authentic hotel where we were staying, the warm air caressed my skin. Birdsong and the scent of flowers wafted by, and the Fuego volcano billowed imposing plumes of smoke as I happily sipped the aromatic coffee. The usual morning tension was gone, everything around was calm and invited you to relax. I didn’t think much of it and accepted the challenge. I felt happy, smiled and fell in love with Guatemala instantly.

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Unforgettable things to do on Riviera Maya to experience Mexican culture to the fullest

Despite the dangers, I do not regret choosing Mexico as our honeymoon destination. On the Caribbean coast there is a blissful tranquility and timelessness that intoxicates you and allows you to loosen up. You forget about the time. You forget that your hair is frizzy and that your clothes smell musty from the constant humidity. You forget about your old self and just feel alive – happy to be here and now.

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Cambodia is a country of contrasts and it can offer you a wide range of emotions. One of the best experiences is to visit one of the most spectacular sights in the world – the Angkor temples. There is a reason they are on the bucket list of many travellers.

The most famous – Angkor Wat has become the symbol of the country and is depicted on the national flag.
If you are wondering whether to visit the country or want to know more about it, read my article dedicated to Cambodia.

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