The best of Bulgarian travel blogs in November

You may already wonder what the ASTOM travel bloggers have been cooking in November. And as winter is approaching you can be sure we need something warm and delicious, right? So take a look at the newest articles in English and get ready to be surprised!

Svet Dimitrov: Kassel – the Gem of Nothern Hesse

Svet introduces unknown German gems to us. Not so unknown anymore…
Kassel, lying in the Northern part of Hesse, is not among the most known German cities. However, it surely punches above its weight by offering the largest natural park, situated on a hill, in Europe. In addition, it boasts more than 300 different restaurants which, for a city of around 200,000 people, is quite significant. Dip yourself in history by going to Grimm Platz or have a day-trip to Hann Münden (only 15 km away from Kassel) to explore its historic centre and ponder at the three rivers that unite there.




NTripping: Everything You Need To Know About German Christmas Markets

While we are in Germany, let’s find out with Naddya what we can do at the Christmas markets over there.
Visiting German Christmas markets is one of the best ways to spend the short
winter days. Find out all the fun things you can do, see and taste in this
mini-guide at


christmas-market-dortmund germany


The Magic of Traveling: Planning a trip to Senegal

Freezing? Let’s change that and travel with Bistra and Nace to the much warmer country of Senegal.
This time a place chose us to be its visitors. Senegal chose us. After a two-day hackathon event about tax administration of Senegal we were planning to stay a bit more and explore the countryside and the people. So from a place we knew almost nothing about, Senegal transformed into a place where we had to plan a trip.


Senegal, Lac Rose



Let’s stay warm and travel with Geri through Iran to unveil a myth about unsafe female tourism in the country.
Thanks to „Ladies on the move“ series Geri gives the opportunity to other women (not necessarily bloggers) to share their experience. The article about Iran is an example of how curiosity to explore the world and courage to follow your dreams can open doors for you and introduce new unexpected horizons.


Iran, woman


Travelling Buzz: 20 Wonderful Travel Experiences and Places to Visit in Bulgaria in 2017

Well, home sweet home! Let’s not forget to keep an eye on what one can do and experience in Bulgaria.
Maria from Travelling Buzz wants to show you her favourite adventures and destinations in Bulgaria. These are less-known places which you should definitely add to your bucket list for 2017! Check them out!


20 experiences Bulgaria


Todor will take us hiking in the mountains. Let’s hope we didn’t eat too much beforehand!

The massive Rila Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria are not only the highest between the Alps and the Caucasus, but also a prime destination for hiking in Bulgaria. Covered in part by the Rila National Park, Rila is a magnificent collection of jagged peaks, maiden forests and endless pastures topped by Musala, the 2,925-metre-high top of the Balkans.
From the iconic cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes to the Alpine ridges of Malyovitsa, kashkaval tourist presents 8 amazing hikes in Rila, the highest mountains of Bulgaria and the Balkans.


Bulgaria, Rila mountain


Mamá en Bulgaria: Asenova Krepost – the spectacular fortress of Assen

Here’s the surprise – practice your skills to understand Spanish and check out Marta’s impressions on this Bulgarian landmark!

Asenova Krepost is a wonderful medieval fortress located in the heart of Rhodope montains, just 3 km away from the city of Assenovgrad. It was built in the 9th century, but after being destroyed, tsar Assen rebuilt it in 1231 and from then on it took his name. Nowadays the fortress is almost completely destroyed, but the church of St. Mary of Petrich is still standing, and even functions as a regular orthodox church. The views from the top are just amazing, this place is definitely worth a visit.


asenova-krepost-fortaleza-de-asen Bulgaria



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