Meet the travel bloggers in Bulgaria on June 26th in Sofia

Meet the travel bloggers in Bulgaria on June 26th in Sofia

Travellers Club Sofia and ASTOM – Travel Bloggers Bulgaria invite you to meet the travel bloggers in Bulgaria!

When: June 26th 2018, 19:00

Where: Travellers Club Sofia, 19 Serdika str.

What: Presentations of travel blogs

Join us on June 26th,Tuesday at 19:00, to meet offline, to share travel enthusiasm and ideas, to chat about new destinations and upcoming trips, and moreover, to meet away from the computers.

The event will be in the form of short presentations from travel bloggers who’d like to share their online space. There will be time for Q&A and discussions.

If you want to present your blog, sign up here:
*The registration is not mandatory, but it will help us plan the event better

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ASTOM and Fakti announcing cooperation

ASTOM and Fakti announcing cooperation

After the successful launch of the Association of travel online media owner (shortly in Bulgarin – ASTOM) two weeks ago, we are extremely excited to announce the partnership between the Association and the online news media Fakti.

The aim of this partnership is to help Bulgarian travel bloggers and writers reach a larger audience, expand readership circles and thus establish their online brand.

Each member of the Association will have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership. Fakti will re-publish a story (observing, of course, the terms of the Google for duplicate content), and each republished article will include a short presentation of the blogger (writer) and a link to his media .

Fakti will be publishing one article per week. The content must be submitted in Bulgarian (you can translate your article if it was initially published in English). To have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership, please apply to become a member of ASTOM here.

If you would like to partner with ASTOM do not hesitate to contact us!

Travel with ASTOM: Kosovo village and Kosovo Houses, Bulgaria

Travel with ASTOM: Kosovo village and Kosovo Houses, Bulgaria

The first press trip of the travel bloggers from ASTOM is now a fact! 

In the beginning of April 2016 Adriana from, Elena from, Maria from, Nina and Eli from, Peter from and Julia from packed their backpacks and went to explore the picturesque Rhodopian village of Kosovo in Bulgaria.

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The first Twitter chat for 2016

The first Twitter chat for 2016

On the last Thursday of January, we conducted the third Twitter chat, which was also the first one for this year. Despite the cold weather, which was not so conducive to travel, once more, a lot of participants joined the chat with interesting ideas for tourism.

The topic of the Twitter chat this month was:

The most attractive winter destinations in Bulgaria!

Here were the questions that we set this way:

  • Q1: Do you travel often in the winter and what type of destinations do you choose? #exploreBulgaria
  • Q2: What is the best advice that you could give for traveling during the winter months? #exploreBulgaria
  • Q3: What are your favorite winter destinations in Bulgaria?  What other destinations you would want to visit in the winter? #exploreBulgaria
  • Q4: Share a photo from your winter journey in Bulgaria! #exploreBulgaria

We had the pleasure to share interesting ideas and experience about different locations suitable for winter tourism with over 30 twitter users.

Expect the next Twitter chat #exploreBulgaria on the last Thursday of February, in the usual time and on the well known place – Twitter.