The success of ASTOM’s press trip in Kavarna

A successfuлl press trip - travel bloggers in Кavarna

Couple of weeks ago members of the Association of the Online Travel Media Owners returned from the latest press trip in Kavarna and the region. All of us, both organizers and participants can mark the event as a massive success. During this journey many new friendships were started and a ton of positive emotions shared across the social media channels.

Organizers of the event:

Galin from Trip Kavarna
Darina & Milena from Travel Association Kavarna
Krassimir from Levana Guest House, Balgarevo
Val & Kar rent-a-car
Audio-visual historical center Ongal
Bistro Central Park
Nash Dom Guest House
Restaurant St. George

Participants in the event:

Ellie from Друми в думи
Maria from Travelling Buzz
Geri from When Woman Travels
Nina & Ellie from Follow the Sisters
Todor from Kashkaval Tourist
Peter & Victoria from 100 Обекта
Julia from

Overall results

With the help from the organizers the Bulgarain travel bloggers spent several exciting days in Kavarna and the region. We saw the Archeology Reserve Yailata, the arch in Tyulenovo village, the audio-visual center Ongal. We had delicious meals, went sea kayaking and had a boat ride, saw the sunset and some early birds even made it to the sunrise.

All of this generated an excessively large amount of social media publicatiosn with a total reach of over 1 million people and a very large number of interactions from people all over the world.

Here are very few of the Facebook publicatiosn, dedicated to this press trip:


After the press trip, the bloggers wrote many articles, all of which you can see linked below, location by location.

Articles dedicated to the entire journey:

When Woman Travels: 10 reasons to visit Kavarna
Follow the Sisters: The trip that changed my desire to travel the world: Kavarna & its people
Follow the Sisters: What a Citroen Jumpy has to say about traveling Bulgaria
Follow the Sisters: Our new home on the Black sea: Levana Guest house
Kashkaval Tourist: 8 exciting outdoor activities on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast
100 Обекта: 6 места на северното Черноморие, които трябва да посетите
100 Обекта: Магията на Каварна
Time2travel: С Каварна в сърцето

Following is a list of all the articles, place by place in the order in which the locations were visited.

Cape Kaliakra

Друми в Думи: Нос Калиакра и неговите тайни
Follow the Sisters: Cape Kaliakra: where beauty meets bravery

Audio-visual historical center Ongal

Follow the Sisters: The Ongal: a super-cool interactive history lesson

Archeological reserve Yailata

Follow the Sisters: Yailata: archeological reserve or a luxurious hotel in the rocks?

Sea kayaking

Друми в Думи: Там край Каварна: моето първо каяк приключение
Follow the Sisters: An adventure for the soul: sea kayaking on the Black sea
Time2travel: Морски приключения около Каварна
Travelling Buzz: Sea Kayaking on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Festival “With Bulgaria in heart”

Follow the Sisters: Thoughts on the festival “With Bulgaria in heart”

If you are a travel blogger and would like to be a member of ASTOM, please apply here.

If you’d like to partner with ASTOM or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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