Traveler’s Diary


The Traveler’s Diary blog idea appeared spontaneously generated by love traveling and rediscovering each subsequent destination.

Each trip brings its charge and can not be housed within a story or photo album, but it can provoke, it can enrich and it can inspire.

And that’s why this is the purpose of our blog – to promote all remarkable places in Bulgaria, no matter how popular they are, and to provoke possibly more people to travel and get to know with their homeland closely.

And as we like to say, if you are wondering why we are so excited when it comes to trips and wandering, we share with you our reasons:

  • Because our country is unique
  • Because we don’t need any rankings to love and to be proud of our country
  • We need to know our roots and rediscover our history
  • We are surrounded by endless richness of breathtaking views, natural beauty and phenomena, glorious history, buildings masterpieces, trendy cities, cozy villages, attractive summer, winter and healing resorts and many other beauties
  • Because we want to convey love to travel and love to the homeland of all other travel souls.

At a glance

Language: Bulgarian
Автори: Nadezhda Serafimova, Yordan Enev
Created in: June 2016
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